Vance Lucas

500 W. University, Box 61424
Shawnee OK, 74804
(405) 878-2499


I started my first website over eight years ago, and have been very heavily involved in the design and creation of webpages ever since. My drive for creating webpages and programs is fueled by my desire to learn more and to do better. I believe myself to be very creative, with an eye for a healthy blend of design and functionality. My overriding goal for any website is to improve the user experience, however possible.

One of the many challenges a web designer faces is to keep up with newer and better technology. And, as with any other job in the computer industry, changes can happen very rapidly, and better technology is invented every day. This is one of the things I love about this work. There is always something new, and it just keeps improving. As a result, I am very open to learning new technologies and new methods to help expand my skillset. So even though your technology of choice may not be listed as one of my skills, I am eager to learn and my programming background allows me to catch on very quickly.




To ensure the privacy of my work and personal references, references will be made available upon request from serious inquiries only.